Arb 44 Accessories With Superior Designed Used As Protection Equipment

Set up by a experienced 4WDer Tony Brown in 1975. ARB today manufacturers an entire range of 4×4 vehicle speciality accessories meant to make your off-road experience totally safe.

ARB manufacturers premium quality 4×4 vehicle accessories available at Bars-n-Racks, Sydney (and 100 other medium and smaller sized stockists). The ARB 4×4 range includes:

1.ARB Accessories for vehicle protection
2.ARB Accessories for vehicle recovery
3.ARB Old Man Emu Suspension Kit for ultra rugged terrain
4.ARB Accessories for vehicle Air Lockers
5.ARB Accessories for vehicle Air Systems
6.ARB Canopies
7.ARB Accessories for vehicle Roof Racks
8.ARB Accessories for vehicle drawers
9.ARB Accessories for vehicle rugged terrain /off-road lighting
10.ARB Camping Gear
11.ARB Portable Fridge & Freezers
12.ARB Power Backup Solutions
13.ARB Safari Snorkels for your engine
14.ARB Tyre Accessories � inflators, deflators, traction
15.ARB Frontier Tanks
16.ARB Bushranger
17.ARB Portable Fuel & Water Tanks
18.ARB Black Duck Seat Covers
19.ARB Hayman Reese Towing
20.ARB Recaro Seats
21.ARB Reverse Camera Systems
22.ARB GME Radios
23.ARB Hema Navigation
24.ARB Apparel � comfy, and looking great.

A third of ARB staff are head out into the great Australian outback 2 or more times a year. Apart from the thrill, it also gives them an opportunity to test first-hand the 4×4 equipment and accessories they sell. The ARB off-roading accessories therefore, are in a constant state of improvement which is what makes them so great and also, simply the best off-roading equipment and accessories that money can buy.

So whether it’s crossing the Nullarbor, traversing the Birdsville Track or just heading off to a favourite off-road destination, you can rely on ARB 4×4 vehicle accessories.

ARB products are available for most vehicles on Australian roads including: FORD, HOLDEN, ISUZU, JEEP, LAND ROVER, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, TOYOTA and VOLKSWAGEN.

Recently, ARB Van Fitouts has released a new and innovative LED light bar, designed to integrate closely with the top tube of a bull bar. Then there’s the ARB Summit Rear Step Tow Bar – Imagine a Van Tow Bars that plugs into your compressor and incorporates reversing sensors. Indeed, the Rear Step Tow Bar is packed full of features and offers the ultimate in rear vehicle protection.

Frontier Tank Torture Test � this is latest state-of-the-art and manufactured using totally seamless roto-moulding process, The ARB Frontier long range fuel tanks are engineered to survive anything you can throw at them off road.

ARB Steel Nudge Bar � designed for all 2001-2006 Ford Escapes, ARB steel nudge bars are 100% air bag compatible. These speciality steel nudge bars provide increased frontal protection and add to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. The ARB Nudge bars also serve as mounting platform for driving lights and CB antennas.

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Transport Your Vehicle In Style With The Velocity Rs Enclosed Car Trailer

Do you have a vehicle that you often need to transport from place to place? Perhaps you have an old, classic model or a race car you use regularly? If the answer is yes, you need to make sure you’re towing it in the safest way possible and in a way that completely protects your vehicle from any damage. A covered car trailer is the perfect way to do this, and North East company Eco-Trailer have the perfect model for you: the Velocity RS Enclosed Car Trailer.
The Velocity RS Trailer
While this company provides a wide range of enclosed vehicle trailers and accessories, the Velocity RS is their flagship full-width enclosed car trailer. It is one of their most popular models, perhaps down to how spacious it is and how sleek it looks. It features market leading BPW running gear, premium quality components and innovative design ideas, allowing it to be the perfect product to transport a variation of different vehicles, from classic or vintage cars to racing vehicles.
This covered car trailer has unmatched reliability and is beautifully finished, and it’s even backed up with a five-year warranty from the company. Furthermore, the coupling, drawbar and axles have a two-year BPW European Wide Guarantee. You won’t find these qualities on all enclosed car trailers � especially not those with as much to offer as the Velocity RS � and they really do make the price better value for money.
It’s important to know the sizing of enclosed vehicle trailers to ensure everything you need to transport can comfortably fit inside for the journey. The Velocity RS Enclosed Car Trailer has an overall length of 7.15m, an overall width of 2.44m, a bed length of 4.88m and an overall height of 2.4m. With this sort of size, most vehicles will fit perfectly securely for the journey
The price of this covered car trailer is 6,500 + VAT and it can be picked up from the workshop in Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.
Other Models To Choose From
The Velocity RS is just one of the fantastic enclosed car trailers available at this North East company. They cater for a range of different clients and take the time to understand what’s needed before the enclosed vehicle trailers are made, so if you’re unsure if there’ll be something to suit you, there’ll most likely be plenty of choice.
The four main models Eco-Trailer are most famous for are: the Velocity RS, the Titan Enclosed Car Trailers, the Nano Covered Smart Car Trailer and the Eco-Shuttle. While many of them cater for large vehicles, the Nano is perfect for smaller cars and motorbikes. If you have a vehicle you need transporting but aren’t sure which is best suited to you, the friendly team will be more than happy to give you some expert advice.
As a company with more than 25 years of experience in motor car transport, you can rely on them to give you a personal and professional service and provide you with enclosed car trailers that will safely transport your prized vehicles for years and years to come.

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Bars N Racks Offers Vast Range Of Vehicle Accessories For Off Road Journey

After doing all the mild circuits sooner or later you will hit the great Australian outback. For this tough trail, you need vehicle accessories that will withstand the great Australian outback without letting you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Before you plan your great outing, you need to take a closer look at your vehicle � is it tough enough to take on the tough Australian outback?

Vehicle Suspension:

One of first things you need to understand is that a new vehicle, even if classified as a 4×4, is essentially fine tuned for city driving � because that’s where we do 90% of our driving. Your 4×4 might look tough but believe us, it really isn’t ready to take on the great Australian outback � not without modifications and some vehicle accessories for the off road journey.

One of the first things you need to look at is the vehicle suspension � a factory fitted vehicle comes with a standard suspension that is customised for city driving on nice smooth roads. The moment you add weight and drive your vehicle off road, the suspension will break down and it will break quickly.

So, you need to change your suspension which is not as tough as it sounds. There are specific after-market suspensions kits for each type of vehicle. These kits are specifically designed for carrying weight as well as take on the ultra tough terrain. These tough suspension systems also provide additional ground clearance for your vehicle so also remember to add a retractable foot step to the vehicle if required. Visit your nearest Rear Mounted Bike Carrier store for a full range of options in vehicle suspension.

Water proof your engine:

Have your engine looked at by an expert to make sure it is 100% water proof and that it will not stall the moment a little water enters the engine compartment. This can happen when you cross rivers and streams.

Luggage Accessories:

Your vehicle is going to pitch and you as it goes over ditches, rivers, boulders, stumps and everything else out there. Anything that is not securely tied down is going to tumble. Visit Bars-n-racks for luggage options that are especially designed for off road journey. These will include Sydney Roof Rack, drawers and cargo barriers. Remember to leave space for the filled garbage bags.

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How Does Towing A Car Trailer Work Safely?

Many people will look at a vehicle towing an enclosed car trailer while driving near it and worry about how secure it is on the road. You may have had that feeling yourself on a motorway when you’re passing a large vehicle being towed and you approach it with caution, gripping your steering wheel that little bit tighter than usual as you overtake it. We needn’t do this, but it’s a natural reaction. Enclosed vehicle trailers are often huge, especially in comparison to small cars, so they have a tendency to look a little bit intimidating. Even so, as long as the proper safety regulations are followed, towing vehicles is perfectly safe.
The first thing to think about when you’re about to tow a covered car trailer is the limit the towing vehicle is capable of actually pulling. No matter where your car, SUV or truck is from, it will have been allocated a towing limit by the manufacturer that can range from a few hundred pounds (generally smaller cars) to several thousands of pounds for large SUV vehicles and trucks. If you’re ever unsure of the weight of enclosed car trailers your vehicle is physically able to tow, you should always check with the manufacturer before you make your journey.
Another thing to note when you’re planning to transport a vehicle on an enclosed car trailer is that the trailer needs to be fitted with the appropriate braking system, indication signals and lighting kits in order for it to properly synchronise with the vehicle you’re using to pull it. This is not only important for your safety but for the people surrounding you on the roads. There are various types of brakes you can use, including surge breaks and electric brakes � whichever you choose to use on your covered car trailer, ensure they’re fitted properly and all regulations are followed so you are fully safe on the road.
There are various different ways to tow a car, the most common of which is by using a flatbed trailer. This kind of trailer is hooked onto the vehicle before being secured, similarly to how enclosed vehicle trailers are attached to a towing vehicle. Enclosed car trailers are becoming an increasingly popular way to get your vehicle from one place to another because they ultimately protect your vehicle from any damage on the roads � and there is plenty of ways it could be damaged. Whether it’s the road’s terrain or the weather taking a turn for the worst, your vehicle is never fully protected on an open trailer.
Once the technical safety of your car and your trailer is taken care of, you need to know that you’re definitely confident driving a towing vehicle. Carrying a covered car trailer behind your car obviously makes the whole driving experience a lot different, and you need to make sure you’re used to it. If you’re yet to drive a vehicle that’s pulling an enclosed car trailer, it is a good idea to practice in a car park or empty industrial estate before making your big journey. This will help with simple manoeuvres as well as small tasks such as applying pressure to the brakes and accelerator and reversing. It may seem a lot of effort to have to practise, but towing enclosed vehicle trailers can be dangerous if you’re not 100% comfortable.
If you have any hesitations at all or any uncertainties about the safety of towing enclosed car trailers, do your research online or get in touch with a professional. It will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run.

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